Jones Round Red Sunglasses / Ski & Expedition Goggles with Case. Model: WAW-RD

Jones Round Red Sunglasses / Ski & Expedition Goggles with Case. Model: WAW-RD. These are very special sunglasses. The lenses are 6-Base optical quality, 100% distortion free, amber/brown polycarbonate Cadmium-Oxide. They are very difficult to scratch and nearly impossible to break and are two thirds lighter than glass. These are made in France and come with the leather shrouds attached. Two thumb screws on either temple loosen the frame and the shrouds easily pop out / in. They measure 5.5 between earpieces, which is a medium size suitable for men and women. The earpieces themselves can be adjusted for snugness by removing small amounts of the nylon material at the tips. The frames are a brass alloy with enamel paint. These are suitable for skiing, and other action sports. The manufacturers booklet claims that the lenses are warranted against breakage for life but this manufacturer no longer operates in the USA. Rest assured that breaking these lenses is not easy, thus they are suitable for light duty eye protection. They are certainly better then normal sunglasses for impact protection. 100% UV protected. Brand new with soft case. Original M.S.R.P. $99.95. These lenses are so expensive to fabricate that they are no longer in production anywhere in the world.

Price: $99.95

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